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Yearning yen
The Latest lights of love
shows up, shocking that memory
That Latest lights of love
showing its glimmer
when day lights secretly hide
sun & her daughters behind the skies
keeping single moon alone
burning  the thoughts
Its hope light
which is for eternity gone
since lack of luck met stubbornness
Million years ago
by their fight
they killed the sight
no eyes to see hope
silently hopeless sence

In a box u want to keep it
the  thing that life still didnt take
thankless what it  generously gave
which its also u cant taste
another hopeless case
your ownership dismissed
your treasures in ur box strangled
to titivate ur hands no longer they want
ur days robbed u again
your treatsure is also in pain
how to feel their beauty?
admirers neck hanged
others necks r dirty
no more place for that expensive grace
Owner ship between lovers, the will to have the other only 4 you as he doesnt have anything else!!
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Submitted on
May 22, 2010
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